Lots of tours coming up...Tractor Operator is heading to the east coast in a few days. Click here for the of those shows is with Dragging an Ox in NYC! Speaking of Dragging an Ox, they will be playing throughout Europe this month. Click here for the schedule. Oh, and Ferocious Eagle will be playing in San Francisco and Reno December 1st and 2nd. Fore more info on that, click here.



I am pleased to announce that we will be releasing a Ferocious Eagle 7" EP in early December. They'll pretty much be fully blown up by this time next year as 5440' or Fight! will be releasing their first full length album in spring of 2007 so be sure to get yourself a copy before it's too late.



Tractor Operator will be headlining the Local Cut showcase for MusicfestNW to be held at Towne Lounge. Check out the Portland Mercury's review of the self-titled Tractor Operator album here. Thanks, Adam!

Alexis Stevens' full length album is coming out this fall. Stay tuned!



Congratulations to Tractor Operator for getting second place in the Willamette Week's Top Ten Best New Bands list! He'll be playing WW's Best New Band showcase Friday, May 12, at Berbati's Pan with Copy and Swan Island. It starts at 9 pm and is free. 21+.

Dragging an Ox is playing some shows in California that will make Arnold Schwarzenegger want to learn how to play the recorder.

So here is the new website. It's not finished yet but should be by tomorrow. Have a good day.



Tractor Operator is playing at Food Hole (NW 3rd and Burnside) on Wednesday, April 19th with The Morals, Bright Red Paper, and The Maybe Happening...also will be going on tour beginning next week. Click here for a list of tour dates.

Alexis Stevens is playing at White Eagle Saloon (836 N Russel St.) also on Wednesday, April 19th but with Jasmine Ash and Sestina for songstress night.

Dragging an Ox Through Water is playing at Lewis & Clark College (0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd) on Friday, April 21st with The Casual Lust.

Both Alexis Stevens and Dragging an Ox Through Water are playing at Clinton Street Theater (2522 SE Clinton Street) on Thursday, April 27th. Chevron and Voltage are also playing. Go, go, go I say.

Just approved the test pressing for the new Tractor Operator 7" that's coming out in June. We are very excited to be co-releasing this record with the fantastic people over at Jealous Butcher.



You can now buy the Tractor Operator album through CD Baby as well as your favorite Portland record stores. Some more exciting news for vinyl junkies - Smells Delicious and Jealous Butcher are teaming up to bring you a brand new Tractor Operator 7". This will be released in May.

Don't forget to come to the Dragging an Ox 7" release on Thursday, March 9th at Food Hole (20 NW 3rd Ave) with Dead/Bird, Ttwo Percent Majesty, The Steven Lasombras, and Bird Costumes.



The Dragging an Ox Through Water 7" record "Rebukes!" will officially be released on March 7th. The record release show/party for it is on Thursday, March 9th at Food Hole (20 NW 3rd Ave) with the lineup still to be announced. The 7" comes with silkscreened covers and a copy of the music on CD as well.



Tractor Operator's self-titled album was chosen by Willamette Week music editor Mark Baumgarten as one of the top 5 local albums of 2005. Here is the complete list:

1. Hillstomp, The Woman That Ended the World (self-released)
2. The Decemberists, Picaresque (Kill Rock Stars)
3. Sleater-Kinney, The Woods (Sub Pop)
4. Tractor Operator, self-titled (Smells Delicious)
"The multi-layered recordings filled with blue-collar strife and backwards guitars on this release are purely Jensen's own, and the songs are as irresistible as they are disturbing."
5. 31 Knots, Talk Like Blood (Polyvinyl)

In other Smells Delicious news, Brian and I are working on screenprinting the covers for the Dragging an Ox Through Water 7" record "Rebukes!". We should get the records in 1-2 weeks. "Rebukes!" is the second release from Smells Delicious and it sounds amazing. I'm super excited to get my grubby hands on a copy. They will cost $5 but come with a CD of the same album as well...and it's not a CD-R!

Alexis Stevens is close to finishing the recordings for her new album that Smells Delicious is releasing. I've heard some of the rough mixes and it is sounding fantastic. Be on the lookout for this as well...



After a month on the road, Tractor Operator gets some much deserved rest. The tour was a great success and it's good to have Eric back home safe. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. The Eugene show was crowded and both Portland CD Release shows had awesome turnouts. Dragging an Ox Through Water played fantastic sets and I can't wait until we release their 7". It's gonna be amazing.

Adam Gnade's It's Who You Know column in the Portland Mercury mentioned Smells Delicious. You can read about that here. Thanks, Adam!

Alexis Stevens will start recording her new album this month. Oh, and she was an extra in a music video. I will personally give one high five to anyone who can figure out what music video and can find her.

If you live in the Portland area and would like to buy Tractor Operator's album, I highly recommend getting it at Q is for Choir (2510 SE Clinton). It's a great little store and the owners are super friendly. The album is also available for purchase at Everyday Music (W Burnside location) and here online at Smells Delicious.